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Silicone rubber is physiologically inert, thus making it the preferred choice of medical, pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Silicone have comparatively low mechanical properties, tensile strength, elongation and tear strength, however they keep constant even at high temperatures but should not be used with high - pressure steam. Its resistance to oil and hydrocarbon products is fairly limited and similar to that of Chloroprene rubbers. Reasonable resistance to a whole range of general chemical products, but acids, alkalis, esters and kerosene should be avoided. Silicone has excellent resistance to heat (dry air), at +200°C intermittent. It remains flexible at low temperatures of -70°C and it is also resistant to ultra-violent light, Ozone and weathering. Exhibits low inflammability and low smoke toxicity. It has good electrical insulation properties. 


Silicone Sheet: Product


  • Tensile Strength: 200-1500 P.S.I.

  • Elongation 700% Maximum

  • Standard Temperature Range: -100° to +450°F

  • Hardness (Shore A): 25 to 80

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Silicone Sheet: Text
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