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Construction Industry is an most important aspect of the growth of any country's economy. This industry gives a sound base for the development of other sectors of an economy. For constructing huge infrastructure and giving it the final, finishing look, lot of heavy and light machineries are required. The construction industry is responsible for manufacturing construction machines and these machines perform various tasks like excavating, digging, loading, hauling, unloading, demolition, paving and finally the construction of huge structures.


Houses, apartments, offices, schools, colleges, factories, roads, bridges etc. all use products of the construction industry. The construction industry's activities comprises the building of new structures, including maintenance, repair, and improvements on these structures. The construction industry can be divided into three major segments: Construction of Buildings, Heavy and civil engineering construction, Specialized activities related to construction.

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There are wide varieties of rubber products used in the rubber industry. First of all rubber tires and rubber tracks are the most commonly used rubber products in the construction industry. The excavators, the cranes, fork lifts, concrete mixer machines, caterpillar, lift truck etc. used in various construction purposes are all fitted with tires and tracks made of rubber. Industrial rubber products are highly demanded in the construction industry. Various rubber products used in the construction industry are as follows: 

rubber hose, belting​, mounting, sheeting, rollers, flooring and tires. 

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