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EPDM rubber is a type of synthetic rubber. It is extremely durable and flexible and therefore has a wide range of applications, including in vehicles (where it is used for window and door seals, as well as cooling system hoses), cold-rooms, non-slip coatings for decks and playgrounds and many others besides. (EPDM) remains flexible and withstand temperature variations for decades.

EPDM is a copolymer with elastomeric properties, which means it is a polymer which is both viscous and elastic. If stretched, it will return to its original shape. Its two main components (ethylene and propylene) are both derived from oil and natural gas.

EPDM sheet: Product


  • Molded 

  • Sheet

  • Custom and standard shapes 

  • Fabric Reinforced Sheet 

  • Cut-to-Length 

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  • High Grade EPDM  ( 40 - 80 Durometer ) 

  • Black Peroxide Cured EPDM ( 40 to 80 Durometer ) 

  • FDA White EPDM ( 40 - 80 Durometer ) 

  • AMS 3260 - General purpose - ( 50 Durometer ) This specification covers an ethylene propylene (EPDM) rubber in the form of sheet, strip, tubing, extrusions, and molded shapes. This products has been used typically for parts, such as door seals, low-pressure gaskets, dust covers, and shock absorption devices, requiring resistance to weathering, phosphate ester base hydraulic fluids, and polar solvents such as steam, water, and ketones, but usage is not limited to such applications. This material has fair resistance to all materials listed. Where better resistance to a particular fluid is required, use an AMS for the material compounded specifically for good resistance to that fluid.

  • MIL-R-3065 - ( 30 - 80 Durometer ) Grade 310, 410, 515, 615, 715, 815. This specification establishes the requirements for fabricated products of vulcanized rubber, synthetic rubber, or rubber-like compositions alone or in combination, together with procedures for the inspection of such products. PDF Link

  • MIL-R-900 - ( 45 Durometer ) This specification covers rubber gasket material for watertight and airtight closures, in the temperature range of -20 Deg. to 130 Deg. F (-28.9 Deg. to 54.4 Deg. C), and other uses. PDF Link

  • MIL-G-22050 Grade 2 - For use with polar fluids, steam, and air at moderately high temperature - ( 80 Durometer ) This specification covers rubber gaskets, packing, seals, strips, material for use in hot air, hot water, steam, and various polar fluids such as aqueous monoethanolamine (MEA), at moderately high temperatures

  • MIL-R-14328 - General purpose gasket material for extreme weather conditions - ( 50 Durometer ) This specification covers synthetic rubber gasket materials for extreme climatic conditions. PDF Link

  • MIL-R-83285-60 - ( 60 Durometer ) This specification covers two grades of ethylene-propylene rubber having excellent resistance to ozone and to water, but poor resistance to hydrocarbon oils or solvents. PDF Link

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