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The aerospace and aviation industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. It is a very diverse industry, having an immediate impact on the lives of almost everyone. In most industrial countries, the aerospace industry comprises a cooperation of public and private industries. Aerospace industry produces aircrafts, space vehicles, aircraft engines, guided missiles, propulsion units, and related parts. Most of the aerospace/aviation industry is involved towards governmental work. In the US, there are two main departments which are the two biggest consumers of aerospace technology and products. They are Department of Defense and NASA. In the third world, India is one of the largest aviation industry. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) is India's gigantic aeronautical organization. This is also one of the major aerospace complexes in the world. There are many companies all over the world producing technical tools and components like spaceships and satellites. Aerospace has become an exciting and diverse and fast paced fields of today.


Rubber and rubber products are widely used in the aviation/aerospace industry. The ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes rubber parts ideal for use in aircraft and aerospace applications. Various synthetic rubber can withstand aggressive aerospace fluids, including engine lubrication oils, hydraulic fluids, jet fuels, oxidizers and rocket propellants.

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Seals fabricated with elastomers like Viton, Hypalon etc. are used regularly in commercial and military aircraft turbine engines, hydraulic actuators, auxiliary power units. The high performance properties of rubber have been well received in many aircraft and missile components and they have proven their superior performance in various applications related to aerospace and aviation such as: Auxiliary power units, Hydraulic actuators, Aviation, marine and industrial gas turbine engines, O-rings used in connectors, pumps, valves and oil reservoirs , Bleed air valves and fittings, Firewall seals, T-seals, Radial lip seals used in pumps, Cap-seals, Manifold gaskets, Coated rubber fabric covers for jet engine exhausts between flights, Abrasion-resistant solution coating over ignition cable, Clips for jet engine wiring, Hose for hot engine lubricants. Let Ace provide your elastomer material in sheet form today. 
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