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Cloth inserted sheet is a rubber sheet with ply(s) of fabric impregnated in the rubber. Cloth inserted sheet material is designed to add stability where mechanical fastening is necessary, and to reduce gasket creep where heavy flange loading is required. The ply(s) of fabric help reduce tearing when fastened.

Ace has the capabilities to do many cloth inserted sheet such as, friction coating, airmed fabric, nextel, fiber glass, open weave and tight weave. Our process for cloth inserts in unmatched and of the highest quality. Ace is able to to do .002 and .002 as well as .005 and .005 on both sides off the cloth or one side depending on the job. Cured and uncured, one side cured or both you tell us what you need and we will meet your expectations. 

Give us a chance to be your cloth insert rubber sheet provided and you will not be disappointed. Contact an Ace representative today for cloth insert needs.

Cloth Inserted sheet: Product


  • Fiber Glass

  • Nextel

  • Airamed Fabric

  • Open weave 

  • Tight Weave

  • .002 and .002 each side 

  • .005 and .005 each side

  • One side 

  • Cured both sides or one side 

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Coming soon

Cloth Inserted sheet: Text
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